Truth Revealed About Make Whites Great Again Viral Photo

As the events surrounding the death of George Floyd continue to send shockwaves around America, one internet troll is doing his best to rile people up even further.

In the aftermath of the sickening video, in which African American Floyd is suffocated by a police officer kneeling on his neck for nine minutes, an image was released onto social media appearing to show the officer in question sporting a red MAGA-esque baseball cap that read ‘Make Whites Great Again’.

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The officer, Derek Chauvin, has seen his image circulated around the internet millions of times already as countless outraged and sickened citizens call for his arrest, stating that he should be charged with murder.

But when posed next to an image of ‘Make Whites Great Again’ guy, Chauvin has also been wrongly identified as the man in question, despite thousands of people online being duped into believing it was him.

Instead, the man in the cap is actually notorious internet troll Jonathan Lee Riches, with Huffington Post journalist Luke O’Brien spotting the difference, having become familiar with the prankster through writing extensively about him, and even interviewing him.

Riches has gained infamy for injecting himself fraudulently into national tragedies, such as when he pretended to be the Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s uncle in order to gain interviews from the media. He also once sued George W. Bush for “being a time traveler who plotted with the Duke of Normandy to ‘pervert the English Dictionary and Law'”.

Recently, he also posted claiming that he was setting up a defence fund for Travis and Gregory McMichael, the two men arrested over the Ahmaud Arbery shooting. “They are innocent. They were set up. Framed,” that post claimed. “We are going to help these 2 Patriots. President Trump is going to pardon them.”

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