TikTok And WeChat To Be Blocked In US This Weekend

TikTok and WeChat will be blocked in the US from Sunday.

The Trump administration are all set to prevent Americans from downloading the app starting this weekend.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The Commerce Department issued an order Friday that will ban people in the United States from downloading the video sharing app and the Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat, three officials told Reuters.

Officials stated that the ban could be reversed by Trump before it comes into places.

Image Credit: Flickr

People who already have the app on their phones will still be able to use them, however they will not be allowed to upgrade, which will eventually result in the app being massively downgraded and possibly unuseable.

The Commerce Department order will ‘deplatform’ the two apps in the United States and bar Apple Inc’s app store, Alphabet Inc’s Google Play and others from offering the apps.

Image Credit: Pixabay

That is anywhere ‘that can be reached from within the United States’.

Huge news.

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