Tiger Woods Discovered Kobe Bryant Had Died Live On Air

A heartbreaking video captures the moment Golf legend, Tiger Woods, discovered that his friend, basketball star Kobe Bryant, had tragically passed away.

Woods had no idea of the news until he was told by caddie, Joe LaCava, and Woods was visibly shook.

Himself and Kobe Bryant came onto the sporting scene around the same time, and though their sports were different, their careers followed a similar path, from success to success.

They were friends away from their sports, and that is why Tiger is so hurt by the loss of the basketball great.

Image Credit: Instagram Kobe Bryant

As they’re leaving the green at Torrey Pines, Joe LaCava can be heard saying to him:

I have something shocking to tell you. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash this morning.

Woods slows his pace before looking at his caddie and saying: ‘Excuse me?’

You can watch the footage below:

He then had to give an interview to CBS Sports, where he said:

I didn’t know until Joey just told me coming off the 18th green,” Woods told CBS Sports after the round.

I didn’t understand why people in the gallery were saying, ‘Do it for Mamba.’ Now I understand. It’s a shocker to everyone. I’m unbelievably sad, and it’s one of the more tragic days. The reality is setting in because I was just told about five minutes ago.

Life is very fragile as we all know. You can be gone at any given time and we have to appreciate the moments that we have. I just can’t imagine what his family’s going through right now.

Woods, who has been a lifelong Lakers fan, added:

[I’ll remember] the fire. He burned so competitively hot.

The desire to win. He brought it each and every night on both ends of the floor. Not too many guys can say that throughout NBA history.

He’d lock up on D. He was obviously dominant on the offensive side, but anytime he was in the game, he’d take on their best player and shut him down for all 48 minutes. That was one of the more impressive things throughout his entire career. And then when he ruptured his Achilles and went to the foul line and made his shots, that’s tough.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by Sunday’s horrific helicopter crash.

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