‘The Iranian Hulk’ Body Builder Announces His MMA Debut!

A bodybuilder who has worked incredibly hard at his physique and goes by the name of ‘The Iranian Hulk’ has announced that he is going to make his MMA debut.

Sajad Gharibi, not only known as ‘hulk’ but also as the ‘Persian Hercules’ is a whopping 6’2″ tall, weighing in at a huge 385 pounds.

The 27-year-old bodybuilder has gained nearly half a million followers across social media, and now also plans to move into the octagon and get involved in the world of mixed martial arts.

Gharibi announced his new career move on Instagram and confirmed that he is going to fight at some point this year.

He said:

“So I’m finally accepting my first professional fight from a Brazilian fighter before 2020.”

No one knows who that Brazilian fighter is yet. It’s been reported that a few UFC stars have already been eager to fight the ‘Iranian Hulk’.

MMA star Brian Ortega revealed he’d make short work of the ‘Persian Hercules’ if they ever came head to head.

Although Brian Ortega is only 5’8″ and would be giving up a 250 pound weight advantage to his opponent.

Ortega recently spoke to TMZ about what his game-plan would be.

“I would just gas him out, piss him off,” Ortega said.

“Of course, you’re gonna see me just get mauled up like a damn little chihuahua in the beginning.

“But just when I ride that wave out, it’s a done deal man. He’ll gas out and he’ll be mine.”

Gharibi definitely has a lot of offers flooding in because of his physique and new career move.

It’s rumoured that recently he was set to join the WWE.

Gharibi posted:

“There has been a lot of talk and rumors about wwe and in particular my participation to join the company but all I have to say is at this time if there will be any collaboration between myself and ‘Triple H’ then I’ll let you guys knows about it afterwards and hopefully I’ll decide and make my final decision by the end of autumn!”

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