The First Ever ‘Adulting Day’ Hosted In School To Teach Students Important Life Skills

An ‘adulting’ day has been hosted by an American school to teach students some of the important skills they’ll need for later in life.

It’s no surprise we spend hours in school learning about the staple subjects such as English, Maths and Science but what about actual life skills? The usual subjects are helpful but it’s not really useful in everyday life.

When it comes to budgeting for bills and paying taxes, the world is full of confused young adults. Students grow up with very little idea about how to deal with all the things adult life throws at you.

To help their students, Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky hosted the day dedicated to ‘adulting’.

The school offered workshops, talking about adult topics from cooking for themselves to building a good credit score.

It was reported that 11 workshops were running through the day.

Even members of the Army came to the school to discuss potential careers in the military and the realities of army life.

Officers from the Shepherdsville Police Department even reportedly came by to give students some tips on how behave if they were pulled over by a police officer.

The school wrote on Facebook:

“Today the YSC held an “Adulting Conference” for our Seniors.”

“The Seniors were able to choose 3 of 11 workshops to attend to gain more knowledge and skills pertaining to their lives once they leave us here at BCHS.”

“We would like to thank the many community partners who helped us to make this event possible. Including: The Center for Women and Families, KHEAA, the US Army, the Shepherdsville Police Department, UPS, Abby Baylor, Park Federal, Our Lady of Peace, and Mr. Rippy.”

This should definitely be something every school hosts!

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