Texas Hockey Coach, 29, Dies From Coronavirus Days After First Feeling Unwell

A Texas hockey coach has tragically died from coronavirus aged just 29.

Tyler Amburgey first began feeling ill just days before he passed away.

At first Tyler assumed he just had a common cold, which he often picks up around this time of year from going back and forth between cold ice rinks and the Texas heat.

But over the next few days his symptoms got worse, ranging from sleeplessness to shortness of breath to body aches and migraines.

Just three days after first falling ill, his wife Aimee checked in on him before taking their daughter to swimming lessons, and found Tyler unresponsive.

A neighbor performed CPR on Tyler as his wife called an ambulance, but tragically Tyler could not be revived.

Apparently Tyler did not know he had COVID-19 but tested positive after his death.

Tyler took a sleeping tablet to help himself get some rest during his illness, however the tablet combined with the COVID and slowed his heart, eventually causing it to stop.

Such a tragedy.

Rest in peace Tyler.

Our thoughts go out to Tyler’s family and friends during this hard, hard time.

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