Teenager Shares Experience Of Dating Her Biological Father

A teenager who is dating her biological father has shot to infamy after revealing what the experience has been like as well as their plans for marriage.

The 18-year-old woman was interviewed by The Cut and explained how she had been estranged from her father for 12 years, before being reconciled at the age of 17 and developing a phenomena known as ‘consensual incest’, which occurs when a parent and child reunite as adults, having been estranged for a prolonged period of time.

When the pair met, the teenager revealed they had ‘strong feelings for each other’.

We discussed whether it was wrong and then we kissed.

“And then we made out, and then we made love for the first time. That was when I lost my virginity.”

While her mother doesn’t know about the relationship, the teen has revealed that her and her father will be pressing ahead with plans for a non-traditional wedding as they cannot legally be married.

“I want it to represent our uniqueness, so we aren’t doing a white wedding.

“The color scheme is black and purple, and we are both going to wear Converse tennis shoes. He’s wearing jeans and a nice dress shirt. He says he’s not wearing a bow tie, but it’s my wedding and I am saying that he is.

“My grandmother and grandfather – my fiancé’s parents – are going to attend and my grandpa will give me away.

“The tables will have bouquets of trees without leaves to represent our marriage, which will be like a growing tree. My dress will be black.”

The Guardian have shared stats that suggest Genetic Sexual Attraction takes place in about half of cases of children who reunite with estranged parents as adults.

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