Teacher’s Tongue ‘Eaten Away’ After Drinking Six Energy Drinks A Day!

Dan Royals, an Australian teacher currently living in Asia has made a shocking claim about how bad energy drinks have been for his oral health. Royals, revealed he drank up to six cans of energy drinks a day over a period of time, and decided to show everyone the extent of the damage the drinks have done.

The teacher wrote:

“Who drinks energy drinks? Addicted to them? You may want to think again. Have a look at the second pic… That’s what that sh*t does to your tongue, imagine what’s it like on your internals? Up until recently when this started to occur I was drinking at least 5-6 a day (lack of energy teaching kids usually) and I brush daily, went to the doctor and boom!”

Dan added:

“Found out it’s the chemicals in these drinks that are causing it … It literally eats away at your tongue. So be wary guys. Just to make it clear, I actually do care for my oral health but this is purely from these drinks … I do smoke but has nothing to do with the eating away of my tongue.”

Cans of Red Bull, Monster and Relentless energy drinks. Children in England are to be banned from buying energy drinks under Government plans. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday August 29, 2018. Youngsters in the UK reportedly consume more of the high-caffeine, sugar-loaded drinks than other children in Europe and the habit is harming their health and education, ministers fear. The restrictions will apply to drinks with more than 150mg of caffeine per litre, like popular brands Red Bull, Monster and Relentless. See PA story POLITICS Drinks. Photo credit should read: Yui Mok/PA Wire

This horrible experience from the drinks is no surprise to experts, who have previously disclosed just how much damage the consumption of high-sugar content products like energy drinks can cause.

Researchers from the World Health Organisation, explain:

“A study in the US showed that dental cavities can result from the acidic pH and high-sugar content of products such as energy drinks. Another study showed that consumption of energy drinks can cause erosion and smear layer removal in the teeth, leading to cervical dentin hypersensitivity.”

Dan Royals also admitted that he smokes, but insists it’s “nothing to do with” the condition of his tongue, saying that it’s “purely from these drinks”.

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