Teacher Who DRAGGED Four-Year-Old Girl By Her Ankles Down A Hallway Into A Classroom Is ARRESTED!

Shock and horror at the act of an elementary school teacher who has been arrested after police said that she dragged a four-year-old girl down a hallway by her ankles.

Following the incident at Trousdale County Elementary School, Carla Annette Haynes, 54, was booked on Friday in Hartsville.

WZTV reported that a school resource officer was watching the school’s security cameras when he saw Haynes carrying a four-year-old girl and putting her into a kneeling position.

Shockingly, Haynes then allegedly pushed the child onto her back and grabbed the girl by her feet, dragging her 15 feet down the hall and around the corner.

It was revealed that Haynes was suspended the same day, after the officer informed an assistant principal, who notified the superintendent.

After it came to light that the girl’s parents said they wanted to press charges, Haynes was booked on a charge of child abuse. Absolutely awful.

Haynes was freed on a $5,000 bond.

Trousdale County Director of Schools Dr. Clint Satterfield said the incident did not reflect on the school system as a whole.

Satterfield credited the camera system, which was installed this year, for helping officials quickly intervene in the matter.

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