Steven Spielberg’s Daughter’s Mugshot Released After Arrest

News that Steven Spielberg’s daughter had been arrested emerged just hours ago, and now her mugshot has been released by police.

The 24-year-old was arrested after leaving a bar in Nashville with her boyfriend.

According to TMZ, the altercation arose after her boyfriend ‘said something rude to her’.

Image Credit: Instagram

Mikaela then, allegedly, began throwing objects at him, one of which caused an injury.

Her boyfriend, Chuck Pankow, explained to Fox News that ‘it is true’, however he added that the arrest was a ‘misunderstanding’.

TMZ report that the reason she was arrested for domestic abuse was that her story constantly changed when explaining to cops what happened, whereas her boyfriend’s story remained the same.

Image Credit: Instagram

Her boyfriend insisted that ‘nobody was hurt’ and that Mikaela is okay.

Now her mugshot has been released.

Following her arrest, Mikaela was taken to the Hill Detention Center, where a she was posted on $1,000 bond. Mikaela was placed on hold for 12 hours.

Mikaela was adopted at birth by the Schindler’s List director, and said her parents were ‘not upset’ by her decision to join the adult world, and that instead they were actually ‘intrigued’.

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