Spice Girls Mel B Claims She Slept With Bandmate Geri Horner!

A Spice Girls reunion tour is very near, minus bandmate Posh (aka Victoria Beckham).

In recent interviews Mel B revealed that she used cocaine throughout the making of The X Factor, shockingly starting the day with two lines in the morning.

Scary Spice AKA Mel B has recently revealed a huge bombshell about herself and Geri Horner.

Everything came to light in Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. The singer claimed she had slept with bandmate Geri Horner during the 90s.

After slight hesitation, Mel revealed: “She had great boobs,” referring to Geri’s assets.

Questioning her on this Piers asked: “So you did?”, in a high-pitched excited voice.

Mel replied: “Well, not really.”

Piers, trying to get to the bottom of it said : “Well, you clearly did? Right?”.

Mel B finally dropped the bombshell and revealed she had slept with Geri. At this point, the camera panned to Mel C, whose jaw had dropped at the shock revelation.

Mel B then went off on a rant about how Geri will now hate her.

“She’s gonna hate me for this cos she’s all posh with her country house and her husband, but it’s a fact.

Geri hasn’t commented on the claims…yet.

Spice Girls kick off their tour at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium on 1 June 2019, before moving onto dates in Coventry, London, Edinburgh, Bristol and Sunderland throughout the rest of the summer.

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