Someone’s Lost Massive Bag Of Dildos In UK Town

One thing that we can all relate to is embarrassment. No matter how confident and self-assured you think you are, there will always be one incident from your past that you can count on to induce a wince of humiliation. Luckily for most of us, these embarrassing moments don’t end up broadcast on the internet for all to see. But one poor soul hasn’t been so lucky.

What do you do when you lose something you don’t want to admit was yours in the first place? Well, one resident of the small town of Bridgwater, Somerset, in the UK, was faced with that very conundrum this week, when a mystery bag of sex toys was found in the street.

Credit: Pixabay

There are a lot of questions to be asked here. Firstly – who was carrying this massive amount of adult entertainment through the streets. And more importantly, why? No one needs this many vibrators, surely?

And don’t even get us started on the fact they were being carried in a brown paper grocery bag. The mind boggles.

But what’s even stranger? The fact that after acquiring their loot, the culprit managed to misplace it – right in the middle of a picturesque English town. How did it happen? Maybe rain disintegrated the brown paper bag, maybe the weight of the sheer number of sex toys was too much for the flimsy carrier, maybe the owner of the toys was shaky-handed with excitement. Either way, an unfortunate accident occurred.

Credit: Pixabay

Because last week, outside a bank of all places, the sex toys were spotted by eagle-eyed Bridgwater residents. In fact, there was one in particular who noticed the unusual sight – and quickly shared the images online.

Credit: Facebook

Bridgwater resident Richard Lees spired the mystery bag last Thursday and shared it to the (aptly named) Facebook group, The Bridgwater Bullet. The group’s description claims it’s “for the people of Bridgwater without the rules that other Bridgwater pages have.” You’re telling us.

Credit: Facebook

Lees posted the image with the caption “Behind Natwest bank in town,” along with the crying with laughter emoji. And the people of Bridgwater didn’t disappoint in their responses. “Only a couple left now. I took the 2 pink Silicone ones so the rest is yours,” one wrote, while another quipped, “Damn it! I was so buzzin’ to get home I dropped it!”

We just hope the rightful owner of this bag isn’t feeling too heartbroken – or too humiliated!

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