Sacramento Karen Knocked Out After Calling Woman N-Word

Ain’t this the instant karma that the internet was made for.

Another Karen in Sacramento, California thought she’d be all big and smart and decided to call another woman the N-word.

Big mistake.

The incident took place in a 7-11 when a middle-aged white woman started arguing with a black woman.

Image Credit: Twitter

The row quickly turned racial and violent.

Details are sketchy. The white woman insists she only said ‘excuse me’, but the black woman claims she heard something different.

What isn’t unclear is that the white woman then called her the N-word. The black woman then told her she’d beat her ass if she said it again and for some reason the white woman decided to do so.

Well, the black woman did what she promised to do and dropped her to the floor as the white woman pleaded for the cops.

According to TMZ, the white woman told deputies that the fight was mutual and accepted her responsibility. She initially claimed that she would not be pressing charges.

However, according to reports, the next day she changed her mind and decided to file a report.

It’s never nice to see someone getting beat up – but maybe just don’t say the N-word. It’s not that hard.

I’m sure she’s learnt her lesson.

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