Rapper Throws Party With Drunk Strippers During Lockdown. Brawl Erupts

Well, who could have ever believed that an idea like this would spectacularly backfire?

Rapper Blueface threw a party at his California estate on Saturday night, flying in the face of the state’s very clear shelter-in-place laws, and his guest list was pretty specific: Drunk strippers.

The 23-year-old planned on shooting a very anti-social distancing music video at his home, streaming some BTS content on his instagram story, when things inevitably went very south.

Several of the women ended up engaging in a reality TV style brawl, all captured on camera, with Blueface generating a ton of criticism and ridicule online for the entire debacle.


On top of all this, Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, has revealed that he’s reached out to his client, only to be rebuffed, with Blueface apparently believing that the Coronavirus pandemic is nothing more than hype, hence his desire to publicly breach social distancing measures.

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