Prince Harry’s Reaction To Man Giving Meghan Markle A Bouquet Of Flowers Is Priceless

During the Royal couple’s tour of Australia last year, one man handed Meghan Markle the most ginormous bouquet of flowers, soliciting an utterly priceless reaction from her husband, Prince Harry.

On the first day of the pair’s visit to Sydney, crowds of onlookers and Royal fanatics flocked to get a glimpse of the two, and of course, Meghan and Harry stopped to meet and greet the fans.

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But one man in the crowd, in particular, caught Harry’s eye. The man was holding up a deluxe-size bouquet of flowers for Meghan.

One of the officials saw the flowers and pointed them out to the royal duo.

After being brought to Harry’s attention, he had the best reaction…

Credit: YouTube

Harry walked over smiling and jokingly remarked, “You can’t give flowers that big to my wife. What’s that all about?” before shaking the man’s hand and giving him a thumbs up.

Credit: YouTube

But, in quite a twist of events, the flower-adorning man was actually Matt de Groot, a host of the Australian radio show ‘Fitzy and Wippa,’ and the floral-themed stunt, which cost a grand total of $500 AUD, was created for the show. 

Matt is also a columnist for the Australian outlet, 9Honey. 

After the royal encounter, Matt wrote about meeting the couple: “I was chasing the Royal couple to try to hand them the bouquet as a gift from Fitzy & Wippa; it was our way of saying Congratulations on the new bub, but none of us really thought I’d succeed.

“I’m told Royal protocol suggests smaller flowers are better as they can be handed directly to the Princess, but we thought size matters so let’s go big. And it worked.”

Watch the full clip below:

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