Pornhub Makes Premium Service Free To Encourage People To Stay Indoors

For those of you who are finding it hard to stay indoors during the Coronavirus pandemic, Pornhub are here to make it even harder.

Working from home will now come with a few more distractions, as the skin flick champions are making their premium service free worldwide in an effort to help in the battle against the spread of COVID-19.


This was originally solely a privilege for Italians, who have seen the number of cases and deaths surge past China’s recently to the point where Italy is now the country with the most deaths from the virus.

However, seeing that this pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down, Pornhub have rolled out their top dollar service for free, allowing anyone aged 18 and over to sign up for 30 free days of top shelf, premium rate porn, allowing for plenty of social distancing and a much needed workout now that gyms have had to close due to worldwide lockdowns.


All interested (re: horny) users need to do is head over to pornhub.com/stayhome and within seconds a whole new stream of content will be grunting and moaning through their laptop speakers and headphones.


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