Police Find Huge Drug Stash On Juicy Wrld’s Private Jet

It has been reported that police found a lot of weed on Juicy Wrld’s private jet.

It’s not as though the “Lucid Dreams” hitmaker made any secret of his love for marijuana. In fact, I’d go as far as to say Juicy Wrld actively revelled in his love of the drug.

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I’d be more surprised if they hadn’t found loads of weed on board his private jet.

To be exact, the police uncovered 70 pounds of marijuana in vacuum-packed bags in several suitcases.

There’s no word as of yet if anyone is going to face criminal charges regarding the amount of weed Juicy Wrld and his entourage had on board. That being said, two arrests were made.

Two men were arrested for possession of handguns. One of the men, Henry Dean was released without bail, and the other man, Chris Long also got out after paying bail charges.


Those that were on board the plane and who had witnessed Juicy Wrld’s last hours were questioned by police.

It has now been revealed that Juice Wrld took some pills when he boarded his plane, but as of yet, it is uncertain what these said pills were.

The police also discovered some codeine cough syrup, which Juicy Wrld is understood to have consumed.

The autopsy is taking place today. Once that has been carried out more will certainly be uncovered about what caused this fatal seizure.

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