Pig Masks And Fake Blood! Vegan Activists Cause HAVOC In McDonald’s!

McDonald’s is usually a happy place for many people, happy meals, delicious burgers and a very social place to be.

This wasn’t the case for horrified customers who watched on as a protest unfolded in Brighton on Friday night, with activists dressed in pig and chicken masks shouting into loudspeakers.

It was reported that there was at least one arrest during the protest on London road, which saw between 20 and 30 activists involved.

The group chanted:

“It violence, it’s not food!”

One angry vegan added:

“The fake blood I spilt is nothing compared to the real blood McDonalds has spilled”

Apparently there was a scuffle at the door as the protestors attempted to get in, with a McDonald’s worker heard shouting:

“Out! Out!”

A vegan protestor ranted at soon as he entered:

“Has history taught us nothing?

“A cruel violent and greedy system must be challenged! Who are we to allow innocents to die?

A cop shouted:

“What going on?”

Before checking if they knew their “rights as protestors?”

Another policeman warned them they “were in breach of the peace,”

He continued:

“You will remove yourself from the restaurant now or you will be arrested.”

The stubborn protesters were not in the mood to move along and a number of the group refused to cooperate and were handcuffed before being carried out-out of the restaurant in a horizontal position.

It was reported that at least three police cars and one van were filmed outside the restaurant in Facebook live footage shared by the group.

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Brighton, the group behind the disturbance, revealed on Twitter:

“We had our first arrest tonight,”

“We will do whatever it takes to STOP the needless, systematic abuse of animals,”


“It is our moral obligation to stand up for what is right.”

Later on after the disturbance, McDonald’s staff were attempting mop up and clean the fake blood smeared all over the floor and windows.

The group explained their aims on their Facebook page, writing:

“Direct Action Everywhere is an international animal rights network dedicated to making animal liberation happen in our lifetime by using nonviolent direct action to put the issue of animal rights on the table.

“This is the Brighton chapter of DxE and here we aim to empower activists to take strong and confident action wherever animals are being enslaved, killed or exploited, and create a world where animal liberation is a reality.”

They add:

“Nonviolent direct action aims to change the broad social norms that allow violence towards other animals, as it has with past social justice movements.”

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