New True Crime Documentary ‘Who Killed Garrett Phillips?’ Is Devastating People

A new true crime documentary is making some viewers feel sick.

In HBO’s Who Killed Garrett Phillips, which is also being shown on Sky Crime, is the latest offering of injustice taking social media by storm.

In the two-part documentary, filmmaker Liz Garbus investigates the unsolved murder of 12-year-old Garrett Phillips, who died in the town of Potsdam, New York back in 2011.

The documentary outlines the events that followed his death and depicts how the apparently fundamentally “racist” town of Potsdam made a connection between the crime and one of the very few non-white residents, Nick Hillary.

As per the documentary’s narrative, the only link Hillary had to Garrett Phillips was that he was in a relationship with his mother for 12-months. This ensuing controversy sparked a five-year police investigation.

Viewers did not take well to the narrative presented in the documentary.

One wrote: ” Who Killed Garrett Phillips documentary is incredible. How did that even go to trial?? Small town racism? That John Jones is the one they need to examine. Dodgy as f***.”

Another said: ” Watching Who Killed Garrett Phillips and I’m sick and tired of mediocre white cops, lawyers, and DAs ruining the lives of intelligent, caring, and (most importantly) INNOCENT people of colour so they can fail upwards in their careers.”

A third added: ” Watched ‘Who killed Garrett Phillips’ absolute criminal that a man was took to trial because he turned left and not right. The prosecution should be took to trial for ruining a mans life based on pure prejudice. The man handled himself incredibly well through it all.”

” Watching Who Killed Garrett Phillips & I am bursting with rage at how corrupt small town police are in America. The racism is stomach churning,” a user wrote.

Have you seen the two-part show yet? Do you agree with the link made by the residents of Potsdam?

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