New Gin Alert! Kopparberg Brings Out NEW Pink Gin That Tastes Like Strawberry And Lime!

Most people love a sweet and fruity cider, sitting in the sun sipping without a care in the world and a lot of people also love pink gin, definitely two very popular choices…So Kopparberg had an amazing idea and merged the two delicious alcoholic beverages together to create their own Franken-drink.

Yes, it’s true, on May 22nd everyone will be able to pop into their local supermarkets to grab themselves a bottle of the new delicious pink strawberry and lime flavoured Gin at a decent price of £22 ($28). Not Bad!

With summer fast approaching, sitting in the garden sipping your favourite beverages is a must, this drink will definitely be on the list for a lot of people craving a delicious fruity mix.

Rob Salvesen, from Kopparberg, said:

“We are extremely excited to be bringing our new Premium Gin to the UK.

“Kopparberg is famous for flavour and we’ve worked hard to create a pink gin in the iconic Kopparberg flavour of strawberry and lime, that we know the nation loves.

“We look forward to seeing pink gin fans across the country spend many sunsets making memories with friends this summer with a glass of Kopparberg Premium Gin.”

Exciting news!

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