Netflix Fans Can’t Process Harrowing Documentary ‘Tell Me Who I Am’


Tell Me Who I Am is the latest Netflix documentary to leave everyone that’s seen it reeling from the experience.

Those that sat down to watch the documentary weren’t expecting the harrowing journey they were subjected to.

Packaged as the true story of a twin that lost his memory after a motorcycle accident, the doc racked up millions of views since its release last Friday (Oct, 18.)

Anyone that decided to tune in to the documentary about twin brothers Alex and Marcus Lewis as a light Sunday evening watch found themselves wrapped into one of the most harrowing stories of abuse and trauma of recent years.


The documentary was based on a book of the same name, written by the twins in 2013.

However, the book does not go into nearly as much depth or detail as documentary filmmaker, Ed Perkins manages to squeeze into this 1hr 25-minute masterpiece.

Audiences were hooked by the unbelievable events that led to Marcus Lewis rewriting his brother’s history after the memory loss. The documentary opened questions about the notion of a “good” lie and whether it’s right or wrong to keep someone from difficult truths.

Since it’s release, there have been conflicting opinions on the documentary. Some people could not cope with the harrowing details of the abuse detailed in the documentary and wished they could have been warned.

Whilst others have praised the twin brother’s story and are celebrating the fact that the important documentary was made.

You can watch the trailer below in preparation for what is certain to be the documentary everyone will be talking about for months to come…

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