Man Who Identifies As Broccoli Makes Live TV Appearance


Now before you all start losing your collective cool, thinking what on earth has the world come to when grown men start believing they are vegetables…

This dude knows exactly who he is.

I am pretty confident that when he woke up that morning, readying himself for an appearance on the U.K’s most controversial breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, he was under no illusion that the green paint he was smearing on himself was not really transforming him into broccoli.

But the humor of this guys protest was clearly missed by GMB’s hosts, Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan.

Twitter/ tighabhinn

The controversial protestor was on the breakfast show to discuss the current environmental protests encroaching on the City of London.

Although the self-acclaimed “Mr. Brocolli,” does not affiliate himself with either Extinction Rebellion or Animal Rebellion, the character is clearly passionate about environmental issues.

But since when did giving a shoot about the environment or more specifically the world’s overconsumption of meat make you a bad guy?

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Piers Morgan argued that if Mr. Broccoli really did care about the environment he would not take such a jokey approach.

The broadcaster also questioned whether Mr. Broccoli could genuinely say he cared about the environment if he owned a television set.

The whole thing was very strange.

Twitter/ LivecorpseLives

Naturally, the protests going on around the world regarding climate change has got people feeling a little tense.

But as far as this debate between the steak guzzling, petrol pumping conservative right and the broccoli loving, environmentally concerned youth, there was a clear winner.

I think the best moment of the entire interview was when Susanna Reid asked Mr. Brocolli, “Do you have a job?” to which he replied, “I grow.”

Twitter/ mrbroccoli1234

The thing is, whoever Mr. Broccoli really is, he never pretended he was any kind of informed spokesperson for the cause.

He was just some dude that got arrested at the protests and was asked to appear on the primetime morning show. Why? Because the show’s execs probably thought they could get a laugh at his expense.

Have they not seen the latest Joker movie?

Fortunately, Mr. Broccoli was aware ITV was attempting to manipulate his protest into something they could ridicule. By remaining in character and not biting to any of Reid or Morgan’s jibes he left them looking silly.

You can watch the interview here:

What a peculiar time we live in.

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