Man Grabs Hornets Nest With Bare Hands And Eats It

A ludicrous video is making the rounds online – and it’s causing quite a scene.

The unsettling video shows a man calling out his ex-wife or girlfriend, who appears to have been dumped or cheated on.

He appears to then make a threat to his unnamed rival, but how does he do it? By eating a hornets nest of course.

Image Credit: Reddit

Not only that, but first up he scrunches the nest into a ball in his bare hands – grunting as dozens of hornets likely sting his hands into an fiery inferno.

The video opens with the mobile phone camera facing the hornets nest, as the angry little man, rants and raves.

He can be heard saying:

You wanted him b*tch? That who you really wanted? You sure about that?

Then he grabs the hornets nest and winces as his fingers are stung to bits – making a variety of inaudible sounds.

My buddy is a maniac… Just watch from r/WTF

Next thing – he hurls the stinging nest into his mouth and gobbles away on it growling: ‘There he is b*tch. There he is. There he is.”

And then? He spits it out.

I don’t know the whole story here – but surely his ex is the one having the last laugh.

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