Man Determined To Get Burger Shoves Protestors Out The Way

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The moment when your hunger slowly turns into anger… We’re just not ourselves when we’re hangry, okay?

Well, one guy must have been feeling extremely hangry, because he completely lost it with a group of Extinction Rebellion activists who were blocking his way into a popular burger chain in Denmark.
Someone get this guy a burger!


Someone filmed the altercation and posted it to Twitter… So, obviously, it went viral. In the footage, the man can be seen attempting to get past the protestors, who had plonked themselves directly infront of the restaurant’s entrance.

As the protestors refuse to budge, and he steadily becomes more and more enraged, the unnamed man starts to roughly shove his way through the group, all the while screaming at them and telling them to ‘f****** move’.


And the protestors still refuse to move. Come on guys, some people just want to eat their burgers in peace.

When his efforts to move the group work to no avail, the man then warns them that he will “run through” them unless they “f****** move.” He then continues to aggressively push himself into the crowd, knocking several people over as one protester attempts to stop him by grabbing and holding his arm.


When the protestors still don’t move (this is getting exhausting now…), the man can then be seen turning back to a campaigner and furiously threatening to hit him before the protester turns away and resumes holding his sign. At this, the man gets in the face of a different protester and asks the group: “Do you have a f****** problem?”

The video ends with the man telling the protestors to “behave themselves”, before screaming at the group, “You f****** hippies!”


People were torn on the man’s reaction. While some sided with the evidently starving man, saying that no one should ever stand in the way of a hungry man and his burger, others have slammed him for his violent and aggressive approach to the situation.

Extinction Rebellion are a non-violent climate change activist group, who host peaceful protests in a number of different countries across the world. The group says they have to ‘rebel’ because “everything else has failed,” and state the only thing that will stop them rebelling is government action on the current climate crisis we’re facing.

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