Madeleine McCann Police Find Hidden Cellar During Search

As the search for Madeleine McCann continues, police have confirmed that they have discovered a hidden cellar.

German police discovered the cellar during a search of a house where kidnapping suspect Christian Brueckner allegedly lived in 2007.

The cellar was situated beneath a small house in Seelze, near Hanover.

Neighbors claim that the shed was demolished in late 2007 or 2008 – which was just months after Madeleine went missing.

Wolfgang Kossack, 73, owns the plot next to Christian Bruckner and claimed he lived ‘off-grid’ at the side during 2007.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kossack said:

I remembered his face from the pictures in the news. And I remember his van and his dogs. I had completely forgotten about him up until then.

Christian Brueckner had the garden next to mine. He arrived in 2007 and left within a year. He told me that he was living off the grid, that he had not registered with the authorities – no one knew he was there.

He never did any gardening. He did not plant anything or try to grow anything. He just sat around drinking beer.

At the time there was a building on the garden. It was a small wooden structure with only one room to keep tools and other things but it had a kitchen.

The building was not really a house, you might call it a shed. But it had a cellar and underneath there would be foundations. This building was destroyed in 2008.

Brueckner is currently in jail in Northern Germany and is suspected of killing Madeleine.

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