Kind Hairdresser Transforms Thousands Of Homeless People For Free!

An incredibly kind London hairdresser gives free haircuts to homeless people. Creating a selfless, encouraging social media movement from his inspiring posts of his amazing work.

Joshua Coombes has been heading out and abou for years now in an effort to offer those living on the streets a brand new look with a fresh trim.

The 31-year-old amazing hairdresser chats with his customers, listening to their thoughts, feelings and stories. Using the streets as a salon.

Joshua always asks the person he’s helping if he can share a post on Instagram using the hashtag ‘Do Something For Nothing’.

Check out an example of one man’s story below:

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Joshua explaines how the movement is not so much about the haircuts, but about the time he spends chatting with those who are often completely ignored.

The Do Something For Nothing (DSFN) movement encourages people to realise there is no ‘us and them’ when it comes to people living on the streets, and that a moment of compassion can go a long way.

As Do Something For Nothing continues to grow, last year Joshua’s friend and artist Jamie decided to find another way to spread the stories of homeless people.

They took a trip to Skid Row in Los Angeles, one of the most densely populated areas of the US for homelessness. Jamie would take photos as Joshua cut their hair.

They rented a gallery space and displayed the artwork in a show called Light and Noise, in the hopes of building a bridge between the homeless and visitors from other parts of LA.

Now the show has been in London, after which the hairdresser partnered with TOMS. They both organised four more Light and Noise events, in Manchester, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin.

An example of their work:

Each show is centered around the host location.

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