Joe Biden Receives Most Votes In Presidential History

As we delve closer and closer towards a final result, Joe Biden has officially received the most votes in presidential election history.

The Democratic nominee has beaten a record set by Barack Obama in 2008.

So far, and with votes still to count, Biden has received more than 70 million votes.

It’s been neck and neck for almost the past 24 hours, but recently Biden has started to leap forward and now the bookies have him as a huge favorite and Trump as a significant underdog.

Biden has caused quite the stir over the past day – after he broke the record for most votes of all time, and there’s still more votes to be counted.

However despite being a huge favorite to win the election, whenever we actually find out the result, it’s still too close to call across the board.

Regardless of this, Trump certainly seems nervous and has been tweeting non-stop accusing the Democrats of fixing the election and voter fraud.

As a result, countless Republicans have been protesting outside polling station across the US.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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