Jeff Bezos Lost $8 Billion In Two Days Last Week

Jeff Bezos may be world’s richest man, worth an astonishing $180 billion, but that didn’t stop him losing $8 billion in just two days last week.

$8 billion is a ridiculous amount, as Forbes report, it’s the combined worth of the NFL’s New England Patriots ($4.1 billion) and the New York Giants ($3.9 billion). 

However for Bezos, that’s nothing. And he’s definitely not worried.

Why? Because since the coronavirus outbreak, Amazon’s worth shot up by almost 69% due to people opting to shop more from the safety of their own home.

The dramatic loss of Bezos’ funds is likely down to portfolio rebalancing or momentum stocks retreating a bit – however investors aren’t concerned in the slightest.

Twitter has since blown up following the headlines – with some people finding it hilarious that Bezos has lost a lot of money.

One person wrote:

Doesn’t that just make you sick? That someone has 8 billion dollars that they can just LOSE and it not matter to them AT ALL.

Another wrote:

Shoutout to Jeff Bezos for loosing 8 billion in two days!!! Pure delighted for ya hun.

It certainly does make you question the state of the world, when an $8 billion loss equates to pretty much nothing…

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