Isis Bride Shamima Begum Told She’s Not Allowed To Fly Back To UK

The British government has won permission to appeal against a ruling allowing Shamima Begum to come back to the UK so that she could challenge being stripped of her citizenship.

This means that Begum is currently barred from entering the UK for the time being.

An earlier court ruling found that Shamima Begum, who fled the UK at the age of 15, should be allowed to return to fight for her citizenship.

But today the government won permission to tackle the ruling.

Shamima’s story is one of the most high profile ISIS bride stories of all time and consistently remains in the headlines – continuously splitting opinion.

Shamima, who is now 20, claims she married Dutch convert Yago Riedijk, just 10 days after arriving in IS territory.

She had three children with her husband, all of whom died.

Shamima lived in ISIS territory for three years and was later traced to a Syrian refugee camp, nine months pregnant.

Her British citizenship was revoked by home secretary Sajid Javid on ground of national security.

The Court of Appeal said: ‘The only way in which she can have a fair and effective appeal is to be permitted to come into the United Kingdom to pursue her appeal’.

But the government have claimed they are ‘utterly disappointed’ and later won permission to appeal the decision.

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