Insane New Outfit Could Bring An End To Social Distancing

An LA based inventor has revealed a proposal for an outfit that would allow people to stop social distancing and finally attend mass gatherings such as concerts again.

Sounds like great news, right?

Just one thing: It’s completely f**king insane.

Like, you’re going to look like someone drew Daft Punk after drinking nine pints of wine.

Credit: Production Club

The Micrashaell suit is the brainchild of Miguel Risueno, who is the Head of Inventions at Production Club, in LA.

Miguel was inspired to design the suit when he saw Spring Breakers ignoring Coronavirus lockdown warnings in March.

The design is aimed at helping both people in the public health services and those who want to return to concerts and other similar mass gatherings, which have been shutdown since the pandemic took hold across the world.

The suit blends together a mixture of safety and smartphone tech solutions, functioning like a ventilation system, working like an N-95 respirator with a replaceable filter.

The dome of the suit also includes audio technology, allowing users to customise who they talk to and control what they can listen to via software and an accompanying app.

Oh, and it’s for the upper half of the body, only, so no need to worry about problematic time wasting during bathroom breaks.

So, until a vaccine or suitable treatment for Coronavirus is discovered, it’s Micrashells or nothing if you want to go out clubbing or to a gig in the next few months.

Yeah, we really, really need a f**king vaccine.

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