India Orders 1.3 Billion Citizens Into Complete Coronavirus Lockdown

Yes that’s right, more Coronavirus news.

As Coronavirus carries its scythe across the world, wreaking havoc wherever it goes, countless countries are now taking extreme measures to stop the deadly virus.

At first China went into lockdown, but it was too late – the disease had spread.

Italy’s death toll then became higher than China’s, and Spain was the second hardest hit on the list.

They all went into total lockdown, with Germany and France following shortly afterwards.

The Republic of Ireland also put into place incredibly strict guidelines for its citizens: closing schools, shops, and pubs.

And then the UK followed suit, ordering a total lockdown on the entire population, with police on the streets to make sure people are following their orders.

Now India has joined the list of countries on lockdown, but for India it’s even bigger – as the nation has a gargantuan population of over 1.3 billion people.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, made an emotional speech as he delivered the news claiming that ‘many families will be destroyed forever’.

He said:

You have seen the worldwide situations arising from the coronavirus pandemic in the news. You have also seen how the most powerful nations have become helpless in the face of this pandemic.

What the experts are saying is that social distancing is the only option to combat coronavirus. That is to remain apart from each other and stay confined to within your homes. There is no other way to remain safe from coronavirus. If we have to stop the spread, we have to break the cycle of infection.

From 12 midnight today, the entire country will go under a complete lockdown to save India and for every Indian, there will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes. Therefore, I request you to remain wherever you are in this country.

Scary news.

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