Incompetent Guard Dog Found Sleeping With Home Intruder

A bad boy called Benton is making headlines, after he fell well below the standards expected from a guard dog.

The 120lb South African Mastiff is not the kind of guy you’d want to stumble across when invading a stranger’s home, but luckily for one man, Benton was feeling very welcoming.

Lynn Sarver, discovered an intruder lying with her dog at around 5.15am and initially thought he was her 21-year-old son.

“It was dark in the house at the time.” She explains…

“He was actually covered up in my dog’s blanket.

“He had dark hair like my son, similar size. Then I get a little closer and realised it wasn’t him.”

Understandably alarmed, she retreated to the kitchen and called the police. But when they arrived and woke him up, it transpired it was a man who lived two doors down, who had mistakenly entered the house… presumably very sloshed.

“He was cooperative and apologetic.”

And as such, she decided not to press charges.

Lynn has also forgiven her three-year-old pooch for his woeful guarding efforts. Ms Sarver said her hound is very intelligent and realised the man was no threat, hence his inaction.

Maybe she’s right. Or perhaps Benton just doesn’t work on a weekend…

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