‘I Like To Move It’ DJ Erick Morillo Found Dead On Florida Beach

DJ Erick Morillo has tragically died at the age of just 49.

The DJ and music producer was a three time winner of the DJ Awards’ Best House DJ as well as a three time winner of Best International DJ. Morillo’s most recent win was in 2009.

Morillo’s most famous song was the iconic ‘I Like To Move It’ which was released under the pseudonym Reel 2 Real, and featured in the Madagascar movies.

TMZ reported that Morillo’s body was found at Miami Beach on the morning of September 1.

The news comes just a few weeks after he was arrested in Miami on charges of sexual battery. The alleged victim has claimed she and Morillo went to his home after they had both been DJ-ing.

The accuser claimed Morillo ‘made several advances towards her, some sexual in nature’ whilst they were both in the pool, ‘but she refused all of his attempts’.

She then claims to have gone to sleep in and reported ‘waking up nude on the bed, with Mr. Morillo standing on the side of the bed, also nude’.

She also called police, reporting ‘flashes’ of Morillo assaulting her and and stated that she felt ‘post sex pain’. She called 911 after leaving the property, with officers proceeding to conduct a search and take DNA specimens.

Morillo was scheduled for a court hearing later this week.

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