Hundreds Reportedly Wounded After Massive Explosion In Beirut

Lebanon’s health minister has claimed that there are hundreds of people wounded following the massive explosions which rocked the country’s capital earlier today.

The cause of the explosion remains unknown, however local media are suggesting it was caused by a fire at a fireworks factory.

The monstrous explosion devastated much of the city, blowing out windows of apartments as far as 10km away from the site of the explosion.

Other residents claim that their ceilings collapsed.

Footage depicting the aftermath of the explosion shows fires and smoke billowing into the air, as well as overturned and crushed cars on highways.

The streets themselves are littered in metal and glass.

The blast appeared to have taken place in the port area of Beirut. Worryingly, the area of the blast is one of the most popular and densely populated areas of Beirut.

Our thoughts go out to all those in Beirut at this worrying time.

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