Hundreds Of Muslims Use IKEA Car Park To Safely Pray During Eid

In a remarkable scene, hundreds of Muslim worshippers safely took part in Eid prayers thanks to social distancing in an IKEA car park.

The gathering took place in Wetzlar, Germany, just outside Frankfurt, and saw 700 worshippers using parking spaces to take part.

With mosques and other religious buildings currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, religious followers have had to become creative with how they enjoy church services.

The Islamic Community Milli Goruş (IGMG), have certainly topped the bill with this level of creativity on such a mass scale.

In a Facebook post, IGMG thanked everyone who helped make the event become a reality, “We congratulate all the Islamic world and the Muslims living in the world with our sincere wishes and wish our Lord to bring you many more holidays.

“We have done holiday prayer as a nation in the open air with 700 people. May my Lord always keep our unity and solidarity.”

Another post added, “We would like to express our gratitude to the Wetzlar police, the Wetzlar regulatory office, to IKEA Wetzlar and others that made this extraordinary prayer possible […] Thank you so much.”

A drone captured the incredible footage of the gathering, which has since gone viral since being shared on social media.

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