Historian Who Has Accurately Predicted Every Election Since 1984 Reveals 2020 Winner

A historian who has accurately predicted every presidential election winner since 1984 has revealed his winner for 2020.

The historian is known affectionately as the granddaddy of presidential prediction models.

Here’s the man himself – American University historian Allan Lichtman – and he’s a man who’s worth listening to given he’s predicted everything accurately for the past 36 years.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Even back in 2016, Lichtman correctly predicted Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over Hillary Clinton.

How does he do it? Well he uses his own model which outlines his 13 keys to the White House.

But just who does he have down to win this years election? Well… Lichtman says Biden will beat Trump.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

He says seven of the 13 true-or-false criteria he looks at to assess the winner of a race to the White House, which includes factors such as the economy, foreign policy, scandals, social unrest and even the charisma of the candidate.

But will it come true? It’s only a matter of time until we’ll find out for ourselves.

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