Greece ‘Expells 1,000 Migrants And Abandons Them At Sea’

Greece has been accused of expelling over 1,000 migrants at sea.

It’s been reported they took the migrants out into international waters, put them into motorless boats, and left them to fend for themselves in the middle of the sea.

The New York Times claims they have evidence from 31 different sources such as multiple eye witnesses, the Turkish coast guard, and independent watchdogs.

One woman, a teacher from Syria, claims she and numerous others including babies were taken by masked officials in the middle of the night who took them out into the sea before placing them on a motorless and rudderless boat.

They were eventually rescued by Turkish Coast Guard.

She said:

It was very inhumane. I left Syria for fear of bombing — but when this happened, I wished I’d died under a bomb.

The country’s population have grown increasingly frustrated with migrants travelling to the country and now it appears their right wing government are taking matters into their own hands.


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