Girl, 8, Dies After Dad And Stepmom ‘Tied Her In Sleeping Bag As Punishment’

Authorities in Minnesota have filed murder and manslaughter charges against a man and his wife for their alleged roles in the death of his 8-year-old daughter.

The child was emaciated at the time of her death, and the couple are believed to have starved her and tied her up so that she couldn’t access medicine.

Police believe that the child, known as Autumn, had been dead for several days before they found her.

Charges were filed on Monday against Brett Hallow, 30, and Sarah Hallow, 28, who each face single counts of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter and have been in custody without bond since Friday.

According to reports, the pair frequently tied Autumn up if she had misbehaved and would withhold food from her too. She weighed just 45lbs at the time of her death.

Officers were called to the apartment last Thursday and saw Sarah Hallow performing chest compressions on Autumn’s body, however they believe she had died days before.

The Hallows told police they found Autumn face-down and partially submerged in a bathtub.

However an autopsy on Autumn’s remains showed puncture wounds on her head as well as abdominal and brain bleeding. Her hips and hands also showed signs of bruising.

The couple’s other son, aged six, told police that they would often tie Autumn up with a belt before putting her in a sleeping bag, leaving only her head exposed. 

She was also forced to sleep while restrained if she was ‘being bad’, according to the boy.

The couple’s daughter made similar accusations saying they would tie her up so that she couldn’t access medicines.

Shocking news.

Rest in peace Autumn.

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