Following Spate Of Teen Suicides, Dad Posts Inspirational Signs Around Town

A Dad from the US who has a huge heart has put together motivational signs around his town following a spate of teen suicides in the area. Such an amazing thing to do.

Colby Wallace, from Queen Anne, Seattle, was saddened by the recent news that four teenagers had taken their own lives in King County, prompting him to take action.

The ‘Don’t Give Up Movement’ is a movement the 42-year-old came across, which was started in 2017 by Amy Wolff, a mum from Newberg, Oregon.

The mother he wanted to do something about the suicide rates in her community and so started distributing motivational signs.

Mr Wallace was a big fan of the idea and went on to buy 15 signs and 200 wristbands and set about distributing them around the area.

He explained:

“These were local high school students and no one was really talking about it.

“We placed signs across the street from my daughter’s school and an older woman told me, ‘Thank you so much because people my age really need to hear this.’

“I’ve learned that you never know who is struggling. Some people seem like they have it together but need to hear this.

“A woman told me she was in tears after dropping off her daughter at school because the sign made her feel heard.”

The signs started to get noticed and the school that his daughters attend decided to feature the signs in its newsletter, branding it the ‘You Matter’ campaign.

The movement grew further, with people offering to help Mr Wallace to distribute the signs.

One of the signs have been placed on a steep hill to give cyclists a little bit of physical motivation.

$900 (£712) has been donated from people in the community and Mr Wallace hopes the prevalence of these positive messages will help to give people a pick-me-up when they need it.

He said:

“I would love for someone to continue this work in other neighbourhoods. Really, anyone can do this.”

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