Flying-V Plane Named After Gibson Guitar Set For Take Off This Year!

Reducing the carbon footprint of a company is a huge issue at the moment.

The airline sector are definitely playing a big part in this and are always looking for ways to drastically reduce emissions.

Meet the Flying-V plane, this new aircraft based on the Gibson guitar of the same name, is reported to burn 20 percent less fuel than the most efficient plane.

There isn’t a long wait as the prototype will take flight later this year.

Developed by researchers at Delft Technology University in the Netherlands the project is financially backed by KLM.

It’s wingspan is the same as a regular aircraft, in this case the wings are where the passengers will sit, meaning it can carry up to 314 people in what would normally be empty space.

Peter Vink – professor of Applied Ergonomics and Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering who is also involved in the project – gave a little insight into what to expect inside of the aircraft.

He said:

“The new shape of the aircraft means we have exciting opportunities to design the interior, making flying more comfortable for passengers,”

“For instance, as part of the Flying-V research, we’re looking into new options to having a rest or taking meals on a plane. Offering food from a buffet is one of the options we’re sinking our teeth into.”

In October 2019, the scale model of the Flying-V will be tested out by researchers to see if it can maintain stability and reliability while being flown at low speeds.

A series of other tests will be carried out and eventually it could be introduced as a new type of aircraft for commercial airlines if all goes well.

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