Florida Protesters Call For Gyms To Reopen By Exercising In Front Of Court

A group of angry Floridian protesters have called for gyms to reopen in the state.

Nothing surprising there you might think. But well, they decided to protest by flocking in their dozens, and exercising right there in front of the courthouse.

An estimated 30 avid gym goers went to the courthouse in Clearwater, Florida, waving signs ordering the reopening of gymnasiums.

Others dropped to the floor to do press-ups and planks, proving just how badly they wanted to lift some iron!

But many people found a big flaw in their demonstration, with one person writing online: ‘Working out to protest that you can’t work out is the most Florida thing I’ve seen this week’.

Another person wrote:

This is a deeply weird protest – ‘let us inside! To do the thing we are doing outside! In nice weather, which is why we live in Florida!

I have to say, I’ve got to agree.

Most gyms in the world have been closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic swiping the world by storm.

Gyms themselves were identified as potential breeding grounds for the virus – as people use gyms in numbers, all touching the same items of equipment multiple times.

Oh Florida. Never stop.

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