Florida Man Buys 100 Generators For The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

This incredible giving man went shopping in Costco yesterday, he proceeded to buy peas, beans, coffee, salt, pepper as well as 100 generators to help the people suffering from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

What’s even more amazing is this man wants to remain anonymous and all the focus to be kept on helping those in need.

He bought everything at a Costco in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 4.

This wasn’t ever going to be cheap for the man as it cost $450-per-generator. His bill at the end of it was $49, 285.70 at the checkout. All the goods are going to head straight to the Bahamian islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco by boat.

The anonymous man explained:

“About 100 generators and a truck load of food and chainsaws are all going over by boat on Thursday [September 5] to Marsh Harbour in The Bahamas. It’s terrible and I’m sure you’ve seen the photos,

It’s important that we help each other out. It’s better than just sitting there. You see a need and you fill it.”

Unfortunately, the Category 5 hurricane is the strongest storm of them yet to reach the country and it’s heartbreakingly caused ‘generational devastation’ to entire neighbourhoods.

What is even more heartbreaking is the storm has taken the lives of 20 people so far.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said:

‘We expect that this number will increase.’

Alex Sprague, a customer in the store at the time, explained:

‘All I could do was shake his hand and thank him! There still are good people in the world!’

For the transportation to start, trucks will drive the supplies to Stuart, Florida, about 250 miles south.

He also revealed that he has a storage facility set up there so the items could then be transported to the Bahamas by boat.

Errol Thurston, a local Bahamian and friend of the farmer since the 2000s, runs a guide service in Marsh Harbour, a town in the Abaco Islands. He’s a huge help with everything.

His own hometown was destroyed by the hurricane, and had left the island to take a client’s boat to safety in Florida days before the storm.

Thurston is able to use his network of friends and boaters to assist in transporting the mass of supplies.

He said:

“We are trying to book a slot on a container ship that regularly services the Abacos and Grand Bahama. The guys are doing everything in their power to get us in a slot there. They know the desperation the people really need these items.”

If all fails, he added:

“We have a lot of guys with planes to take it over. There are hundreds of local captains with boats who are ready on standby to take the generators and chainsaws by boat.”

Right now, the main priority is food and water for the islands. Planes will transport the heavier items such as generators and boats will take food, water, tarps, medicine and among other things.

Thurston’s wife Mercedes who calls Abaco home yet lives in Florida, said:

“Abaco is my husband’s home and it’s my home, too. So we’re heartbroken.

They are the strongest people I’ve ever met in my life. They have the biggest hearts. I feel like it’s our duty to step up and help them get back on their feet they will rebuild.”

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