Flights To Hawaii Drop To $278 Round Trip

However, that’s all about to change now.

Traveling the world seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. I mean who wouldn’t want to embark on a journey across borders and discover what different countries have to offer? The only downside to making that magical dream become a reality is simple: Money. Flights don’t come cheap, do they? And with prices rocketing during peak times of the year, it is almost impossible to find yourself a good deal.

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Scott’s Cheap Flights are offering their customers a rare round-trip deal on tickets to Hawaii starting at the low-low price of 278 dollars. That’s more affordable, right? Now you won’t have to break the bank to pay for your dream holiday to the tropical island of Hawaii. Imagine sipping a pina-colada on the beach, the sound of waves softly crashing against the sand. 

Yep, I’m definitely in favor of that.

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Most of the flights fly directly from the west coast but you can also find some good deals flying from the east too. And travel dates range from November all the way to March, so grab yourself a bargain while they are still available.

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Before you buy, I’d make sure to read all the fine print that comes along with each deal, just so you’re not left with any nasty surprises after your purchase your ticket. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re paying one price and then getting slammed with a tax fine or something. Keep your eyes peeled.

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If you’re looking to head to Honolulu, prices are looking like they are going to stay between 278 dollars and 480 dollars depending on which state you’re flying from.

If you’re feeling like heading to Maui, then you’re looking at paying from 278 to 465 dollars. 

All the more expensive tickets are from the capital, Washington, with the cheapest flying from San Jose. 

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So if you’re ready for a break, then I’d head to the site right away. These deals aren’t going to last forever and there are only a number of selected dates available.

Happy shopping!

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