Fiona The Hippo Ditches ‘New Year, New Me’

As we are half way through 2019 not everyone’s subscribing to that irritating ‘new year, new me’ mantra.

Introducing Fiona the Hippo…

Fiona is here to share an important message in body positivity, as she’s apparently got no plans to shed those pounds come the new year.

Cincinnati Zoo tweeted to say that the two-year-old hippopotamus, who weighed a light 29 pounds when she was born was born six weeks premature at the beginning of last year, had a ‘New Year’s ReZOOlution’ to simply ‘keep growing’.

Fiona’s fans were chuffed to hear she’d not only hit her 1,000 pound milestone, but also had firm plans to continue her good work into next year.

The zoo has been documenting Fiona’s journey ever since she was born, having announced last summer that she was doing particularly well.

“Fiona’s neck rolls are getting bigger!” the zoo tweeted.

“Today the scale read 421lbs for this chunky chunky hippo.”

Thank you Fiona for teaching us what it’s all really about: being a happy, healthy weight – whether that’s 100 pounds or 1,000.

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