Fatal Shark Attack In California Could Be Side Effect Of Quarantine

A shark attack that claimed the life of a young surfer in California over the weekend could have been a potential side effect of quarantine, according to wildlife biologist Forrest Galante.

Ben Kelly, a 26-year-old surfer, was attacked and killed by a shark on Saturday off the coast of Santa Cruz County.

And Galante says, given the lack of human activity in that area recently, due to people being quarantined because of the Coronavirus pandemic, sharks have begun hunting there as it appears much quieter than usual.


Galante went onto say that sharks are acting like land animals have been during the pandemic, by inhabiting areas once swamped with human activity.

So, it is likely that the shark responsible for attacking and killing Ben Kelly would not ordinarily have been swimming in that vicinity were it not for reduced activity brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has restricted people to staying at home as much as possible over the last two months.

A photographer for Bay Area station KRON-TV said he spotted 15 great white sharks swimming near shore the day of the attack, and has been seeing lots of sharks near shore recently.

Kelly’s death was the first fatal shark attack in California since 2012.

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