Families From Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash Sue Firm For Wrongful Death

The families of the victims who died in the helicopter crash which claimed the lives of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna have filed wrongful death lawsuits.

The Altobelli and Mauser families have begun legal proceedings against Island Express, who have also been pursued through the courts by Kobe’s widow, Vanessa.

The remaining two Altobelli children and Christina Mauser’s husband and three children claim the Island Express’s negligence was reason for the death of their loved ones.


The claim states that the helicopter company “negligently and carelessly breached its duty to own, lease, manage, maintain, control, entrust, charter and operate the helicopter in question in a reasonable manner.”

Island Express may well have to file for bankruptcy based on Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit alone, due to the size of her damages, with the company’s insurance policy only covering them up to $50 million, a figure which has drawn criticism as the belief is a company of their size handling major celebrities and sports personalities should have coverage of at least $100 million.


Because Kobe’s earning potential, even in retirement, was so vast, his wife’s lawsuit will understandably be for an astronomical amount, with punitive damages adding to the sum further.

This is before taking into account the tens of millions the Altobelli and Mauser families would be entitled to should they be successful with their own claims.

Matt Drummelsmith, president of Aviation Specialty Insurance told TMZ he believes Island Express will no longer be able to operate, given the crash was almost certainly through pilot error, meaning no insurance company would ever offer the company coverage again.

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