Fake It Til You Make It! ‘INSTANT SIX PACK’ Surgery Is A Thing!

Summer is approaching fast! The need to sit in the heat and develop a gorgeous tan is on everyone’s lists! Or just having a nice alcoholic beverage at your local pub!

With summer, comes beach bod’s…. a company in Thailand has everything you need to achieve the look!

Masterpiece Hospital in Bangkok now offers ‘instant six packs’, so you can completely dodge the gym and get ready for the sun the easy way..

Ab implants are fairly commonplace and people who are already lean get silicone implants popped in to create a fake six pack.

Masterpiece Hospital instead etch out ‘abs’ on patients’ stomachs, removing some of the fat around the abdomen.

According to Thai website Coconuts, this method creates a more natural look than fillers, that also lasts longer.

Apparently the surgery doesn’t hurt, but the recovery doesn’t look great.

Apparently, most of the hospital’s patients are people who work out regularly but find that stubborn belly fat is the trickiest bit to shift. Costing THB120,000, (approx £2,900 / $3,820) the procedure will defintiely speed things up.

Hospital CEO and surgeon Raweewat Maschamado said:

“We’ve been doing this for about three to four years now. We get anywhere from 20 to 30 customers requesting a six-pack every month.”

The hospital is licensed and registered and offers lot’s of treatments, including nose jobs, eyelid lifts, skin procedures and more.

Although it’s only open to women, Allegra Cole has started up a website where people can actually crowdfund their cosmetic surgery.

In a bid to help others to ‘achieve their body goals’, Allegra set up the website BoobJobs4Moms.com, as a platform for models to feature their bios.

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