Every Adult In England Is Automatically An Organ Donor From Today

Fantastic news has just emerged – every adult in England is automatically an organ donor from today.

Thanks to a new change to the law, all adults are automatically enrolled as organ donors.

Instead of opting in to donate organs, you now need to opt-out, which will hopefully lead to many more organs being available for those who need them.

Image Credit: Flickr

The law, Max and Kiera’s law, is named after two children who helped to save multiple lives after they sadly died.

The law is also set to be enrolled in Wales and Scotland from next March.

The parents of nine-year-old Keira, who helped saved the lives of four people, want to eliminate the negative stories of organ donation.

The new law is expected to save hundreds of lives each year.

Kiera tragically passed away in a car accident three years ago, which seriously injured her mum and brother also.

Her mum, Loanna, said:

If your child needed an organ to survive, you would do whatever you could to try and get an organ. So you have to look on the flip side, if you’re going to receive an organ you have to be prepared to give one.


What a fantastic new law.

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