Elon Musk Makes Incredible Gesture To Help Coronavirus Sufferers

Elon Musk is a serious legend. Unlike most multi-billionaire’s Musk is a maverick. You never know what he’s gonna do next.

As Coronavirus wreaks havoc across the globe, with a reported 410,000 infected and almost 20,000 dead, Musk has made an incredible donation to those who are suffering.

Musk made his billions with PayPal, after that came Tesla, and SpaceX.

Whenever the world needs a hero, Musk is often quick to help – even when his solution doesn’t necessarily work (remember his submarine to help the Thai footballers trapped in a cave…?).

Coronavirus is no exception and Musk has donated a massive 1,000 ventilators to Los Angeles to aid those who need it most.

According to TMZ, Musk offered to have one of his Tesla factories start making ventilators to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that if there was a shortage, he and Tesla would start making ventilators.

When health experts claimed there already is a shortage, he’s started to prove that he is a man of his word.

What a guy.

Let’s hope that in the near future Coronavirus becomes a thing of the past. These sure are scary times for the world as a whole.

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