El Chapo Is Launching A Fashion Brand… From His Prison Cell!

Yes.. It’s true! It’s been reported that the convicted cartel leader Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is launching a fashion label from prison. Clothes branded with the drug lord’s signature will be hitting stores in the US and Mexico this summer.

CNN reports, El Chapo signed over rights to his name and signature to a limited liability company (LLC) from inside his cell. Even though Chapo was convicted on 10 counts of running a criminal enterprise and other drug-related charges in a New York court in February.

El Chapo’s attorney Mariel Colon Miro said the company titled ‘El Chapo Guzman: JGL LLC’ will launch a clothing line this summer.

Guzman’s wife, Emma Coronel, a former beauty queen will run the brand. Her fashion choices have attracted the press previously.

Coronel told CNN in a statement:

“I’m very excited to start this project, which was based on ideas and concepts that my husband and I had years ago.”

“It is a project dedicated to our daughters.”

According to Michael Lambert, another attorney working with Guzman reported that even though Guzman signed over his name and signature to the company he won’t make any profits from the business.

Lambert stated:

“He wanted to be able to set something up — a legitimate enterprise — for the benefit of his wife and his two daughters.”

“He loves his wife and he loves his daughters, and he wants to prepare for the future.”

Apparently, Guzman had to receive special permission to be able to sign the civil contract that would give his intellectual property rights to the LLC.

A contract was signed in February after he was convicted on 10 charges ranging from running a continuing criminal enterprise to conspiring to launder narcotics proceedings. When he is sentenced in June, he is expected to face life in prison.

It’s been reported that the government has said it will seek billions of dollars ‘constituting the cartel’s illegal drug-trafficking proceeds’ Chapo earned during his time as the leader of the Sinaloa cartel.

A former federal prosecutor, Duncan Levin, said it would be difficult to seize any of Guzman’s assets.

He told CNN:

“The forfeiture judgment they got is largely symbolic rather than something they could collect on.”

“A lot of the assets are in the name of other people. It’s hard to find them, and once you find them, it’s hard to get the buy-in of the Mexican government.”

As the company was created in New York, authorities may be able to seize assets under laws created to prevent criminals from profiting off publicity gained by crimes.

Lambert added:

“He’s not giving us money. He’s not giving us proceedings of drug-dealing transactions.”

“Everybody has intellectual property rights to their name, their signature, their identity. None of the money is going to him.”

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